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IFRS, regulatory, financial statement audit
IT-Audit, AI, GRC, Cyber Assurance, Sustainability Assurance
Data & Analytics, AI, Fintech, Regulatory, Technology, ERP, Cloud, Smart Financials, innovation, Workforce of the Future
CISO as a Service, Cyber Maturity Roadmap, Privacy as a Service, Privacy compliance, Digital Risk Platform, Data Privacy
Enterprise Performance Management, Finance Transformation, Global Business Services, Robotics & Process Excellence, IT Sourcing, Procurement
Merger & Acquisitions, Valuations, Debt Advisory, Transaction Services, Separation, Integration & Restructuring
Financial Risk Management services, Forensic services , Regulatory services, Internal audit & Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), Asset Management Advisory Services, Pension Advisory Services
Large-scale transformation, change management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and finance restructuring, tax structuring and risk management situations


Mobility2030, smart city, infratech, transportation, construction
Government, education, charity, housing corporations
Banking, Insurance, Asset management, pensions, leasing, real estate, fintech
Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Mental health care, Health insurance, Healthy society
Energy, Chemicals, etc
Retail, wholesale


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